Tablet Stands DIY

Tablet stands DIY

There is a growing phenomenon in our busy, wireless, hand-held world. More and more people are complaining about neck, head, and back pain caused by the constant strain of frequent mobile technology use. Whether you use your favorite portable device on a couch, desk, or in bed, you are likely in a bent position that can cause substantial discomfort. Symptoms from not maintaining proper posture while using your tablet pc, laptop, or cellphone, includes headaches, eye strain, back alignment issues, pinched nerves, knotted muscles and chronic spinal problems.

Do-it-yourself stands were a good start to finding a solution, but they were seldom designed for varied uses (for instance moving a stand from desk use to couch use), or proper posture angles and heights. The materials were often unreliable, and led to stress and increased discomfort. In short, they became obsolete.

LEVO, an industry leader in tablet and book stands, has invested in research and engineering expertise to design and build an ergonomic, reliable, and sturdier stand. LEVO’s custom, tablet floor stands, table clamps and other accessories have a unique, “quick lever adjustment lock” feature that make them READY TO USE out of the box.

To address the issue of height and posture angles, LEVO has engineered and developed a 5 axis articulating arm that swings and tilts into the position that you want to work or read. You can customize it to your particular needs with the ease of the “quick lock” adjustments in about five seconds. It’s smooth, rolling base makes it simple to move from desk to couch to comfortable storage without losing your personalized adjustments.

Built from solid, grade materials, the tablet stands are sleekly covered in an aluminum finished that look great in any home or office. It looks as good as it is made.

The professional, aluminum finish looks better than a DIY tablet stand; the base is steadier than DIY tablet stands; the articulating arm and quick lock levers are more user friendly, and LEVO tablet stands save you the time and frustration of building a DIY stand all the time guaranteeing the final product. Isn’t that something worth having?

LEVO developed a state-of-the-art stand which is now the gold standard in the entire industry. With a LEVO Tablet Stand, you can optimize your device’s use through proper posture and a comfortable, eye position. Surf, watch movies, or read for hours with any of the ergonomic, LEVO products priced to fit your budget. Your back, neck, shoulders and busy lifestyle will be glad you went with LEVO. For more info click here.