DIY iPad Stand

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Diy ipad stand

A much-anticipated phenomenon is on the way in our wireless & handheld world. Everyday, more and more people are experiencing neck and back pain, as well as headaches caused by the constant strain of looking down at their electronic devices. Just think about it, no matter where you use your cell phone, tablet or iPad, you are positioned with an unnatural and bent posture, whether lying on the couch, sitting in bed, or sitting quietly in your home office. Symptoms include headaches, eye strain, back ache, pinched nerves, knotted shoulders and chronic posture problems, just to name a few. The "do-it-yourself" stands of yesterday claimed to fix these chronic and stressful conditions, but they were unable to solve this ever-growing problem.

  This is where LEVO steps in.  We provide custom tablet floor stands, table clamps and other accessories for overcoming posture problems. Our stands even have quick lock adjustment features, which allow you to quickly and painlessly readjust and relocate your stands in just a matter of seconds! And, the good news is that they are ALREADY BUILT AND READY TO USE.

Isn’t that something you always longed to have? Just think about the possibilities. The cost of a DIY stand; all the money, anxiety of setup, as well as the question of "Where do I begin?" - it's simply too overwhelming. Do-it-yourself stands lack the sturdiness and sleek design of our LEVO tablet stands, clamps, and accessories. LEVO is a pioneer in the research of tablet stands, and we have developed our own state of art tablet stand which is now becoming a trendsetter.

With LEVO tablet stands, you can optimize your posture to be in sync with your tablet by bringing it to a comfortable eye level – and yes, all hands-free! Surf the web or read at length with this steady & dependable tablet stand safely anchored to a table corner as short as ¼ inch! Our LEVO tablet stands also spin to adjust to either landscape or portrait at any imaginable height and angle!

In comparison, the DIY tablet stand can be a frustrating and unreliable option, with few customization options, and a definite lack in adjustability. So, do yourself a favor, and end those days of browsing the web in discomfort and pain. Explore the options that LEVO has for you. For more info click here.