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Tech Neck

Tech Neck is a position where shoulders are hunched forward, neck is strained in an uncomfortable angle while you are looking down at the screen. As you crane your neck forward to the screen, muscles begin to tighten and strain. 

Tech Neck In The Media

As shown in the news, tablet holders can significantly reduce the amount of neck flexion and forward position. 

#4 Use A Tablet Holder - via FoxNews

Purchase a tablet stand holder to elevate your device to significantly to reduce the amount of neck flexion and forward positioning. Try to keep the device as close to eye level as possible. (This is probably the best way to prevent tech neck.)

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Tech neck is quickly becoming a debilitating problem in the age of electronic handheld devices.

Chronic pain and discomfort like Tech Neck is frequently caused by too much time positioned unnaturally over a mobile phone or tablet, and creates a host of problems for the neck, spine and shoulders. Some experts even agree that it may lead to disc degeneration and even more severe complications, such as arthritis. 

Symptoms include headache, eye strain, back pain, pinched nerves, knotted shoulders, bone spurs, arthritic back discs, and chronic posture problems that may even lead to a reduction in work productivity

What can you do to combat the poor posture plague of portable media? Dr. Nicholas Mellum, a chiropractor in Richfield, Minnesota, says that the proper posture is to keep the head upright, looking straight ahead at your device.

So, start by placing your tablet PC or eReader at eye level to avoid the ugly, hunched-over posture that causes problems, offering relief from discomfort and strain.

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