Levo multi-charger with car jump starter

What does your car and your digital devices have in common? They can now both be charged “on-the-go” by the LEVO Multi-use Charger with Car Jump Starter.

This handy charger is powerful enough to jump your car if you are stranded, and small enough to charge your mobile phones, tablets, iPods, cameras and other digital devices. It is not much bigger than a cell phone so it stores nicely in your glove compartment. You’ll never be without an emergency jump again as the unit’s charge lasts for 6 months at a time.

All the cables and connectors for devices and car batteries are included in the sleek carrying case as well. (Lightning Cable, 30 Pin Apple compatible cable, and micro USB.) I charge my digital devices while I’m driving and the devices are not in use. When I reach my destination, my handhelds are charged and ready to go.

If you’ve ever had to push a dead car into position to jump it from another car, or have tried to maneuver a car in an awkward space so that jumper cables can reach a dead battery, you’ll appreciate this tiny box. The LEVO charger simply goes to where the dead battery is and jumps it back to life. It’s small enough to pack in scooters and electric bikes too (check your manual for compatibility).

“Small and powerful” sums up the LEVO Multi-use Charger with Car Jump Start. Handy to throw in the car.