"Tech neck" reducing work productivity

Tech neck is becoming pervasive in the workplace and is causing more downtime. What is it? It’s that pain in the neck, shoulders, and back caused by hunching over a cell phone, tablet or e-reader for any length of time. Along with the short term stiffness and pain, it is being attributed to causing disc degeneration, arthritis, headaches, pinched nerves, and decreased muscle strength.

The myriad of minor aches and pains, and the more serious issues are cutting in to productivity at the work place. It may result in more sick days or less daily focus due to pain, right down to the need to take more 5 minute breaks to stretch muscles out. All this means less productivity.

The solution is to take some precautions before the issue becomes overwhelming.

  • Tip#1: Get the device to eye level. This might mean propping it up on something, or buying an adjustable tablet holder (which can also hold cell phones) for easier use.
  • Tip#2 : Take a quick break to rotate the neck muscles gently, standing up tall and lifting the chin every fifteen minutes.
  • Tip#3: If the pain has already crept in, a chiropractic tune up or deep muscle massage may be helpful.
  • Tip#4: Be aware of the length of time you are “in the scrunch” and keep it to a minimum.