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Your bed, couch, or favorite reading chair can now double as a workspace (workstation). Our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation extends over your furniture so you can sit comfortably all the way back in your chair, sofa, or bed. 5 freely moving adjustments give you the freedom to work in any position you want. Sit, stand or lay down. Our LEVO Laptop stand gives you the option to do all three.

  • Cantilever design extends your laptop over you so you can sit all the way back in your chair, not just on its edge.
  • Holds laptops up to 17 inches
  • Sturdy 22 pound base keeps your laptop from toppling
  • Perfectly positions your laptop while you sit, stand, or lie in bed
  • Specially engineered structure minimizes bouncing while you type
  • Safely holds your laptop on the platform
  • Quick locking height adjustments
  • Quickly adjusts from sitting to standing position
  • Works great as a rolling art desk for holding art pads for sketching or painting
  • Replaceable decorative base cover to match your decor
  • Holds books with our Book Kit Add-on (item#33715 sold separately)
  • Holds tablets with our Dual Clamp Add-on (sold separately)

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Product Description

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Where Rolling Laptop Stand


People love the features of our LEVO Tablet and Book Stands so much - we now bring you those amazing features - and much more - our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand allows you to swing and tilt your laptop into the perfect position! Feel the freedom of bringing your laptop to your favorite spot in the house or office, and work comfortably - whether you are sitting, standing, or laying down.


Imagine your laptop extended over your lap while you sit comfortably in your favorite chair or recline in your bed. It can be a reality! The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand’s height and horizontal adjustments perfectly position your laptop so you can sit, relax, laptop and chill.


This LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand has sturdy casters so that you can roll it around your home or office, and a weighted base so that you can securely move the stand about with your laptop. The hourglass-shaped base is both attractive and maneuverable around furniture.


Tired of sitting slouched over your desk all day? This LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand quick lever height locks allows it to be easily adjusted from sitting to standing. Trying working from a new perspective - and think how impressed your chiropractor will be!


LEVO Laptop Stand

The base of our LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is shaped like an hourglass to hug the furniture. This allows you to roll it close to the furniture, without being in the way.

LEVO Rolling Laptop Stand

Another way to position your LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is directly in front of your chair. The base makes a nice foot rest. Plus, you can control the position of your laptop with your feet - really, give it a try.


Platform Dimesions


Add flair and personality to your LEVO

Our custom graphic Skins add personality and style to your LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand. Each is printed on a high quality polymer for rich color. Removable adhesive allows you to change your LEVO’s look at anytime.

Click each image for a larger view. See it here

Espresso Fusion

Espresso Fusion

LEVO Graffiti

LEVO Graffiti





Book Kit

With the addition of our LEVO Book Kit, your LEVO Laptop Workstation Stand will easily transition to a book holder. See it here.

Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle

You can use this LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand, as is to hold your tablet, but for more secure tablet holding and inverted use, you can add our LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for any size tablet. The platform for the LEVO laptop stand and the tablet cradle are interchangeable, so you can swap your laptop platform out for your tablet cradle whenever you want. See it here.


Ask a Question
  • What is the maximum laptop weight that this stand is rated for? It doesn't appear to be listed in the specifications.

    Hi Martin,

    The Rolling Workstation for laptops holds up to 2.7kgs.
    (Suits most 15 inch and some 16 inch laptops)   

    I'm always available to answer any questions. Just call me on my Mobile 0428 173 277

    Thanks for reaching out to us with your question.

    Ephraim (Fred) Bergman | CEO
    Levostore Australia

  • Q1. I would like to put my tablet next to the laptop. I was wondering if we could have an extension/attachment to the main stand to hold both laptop and tablet (similar to how it is shown in the specs above) Q2. I have seen previous comments about wheel brakes and mouse holder extensions to be available by May 2021. I was wondering if these features are already available by now. Q3. Would there be any option to add a drink holder?

    There is no extension available for both a laptop and Etablet on the one stand.
    lockable wheels and mouse holder are now available.

  • My Gaming laptop weighs 7.69lb/3.49kg. I love the look of this as it appears to be compatible with my lazy boy rocker (most stands have long bases and short arms so need to slide under the chair but the rocker doesn't allow that), but I believe the rating will not support my laptop? Is there any plans to bring out a stronger version that will hold more weight? Or is there any braces or anything I can add to it to support the weight? Cheers

    Hi Gavin,

    Currently there is no plans to increase the load capacity of the Rolling Work Station but I may have another alternative for you. 

    Please call me to discuss. 

    Ephraim (Fred) Bergman | CEO
    Levostore Australia
    Mobile: 0428 173 277

  • Hello is there an option for brakes on the castors?

    Hi Gemma,

    Currently not but we will have wheels with brakes available as a separate option in May 2021.
    Up to now no one has said theyhave been neccessary.

  • Is there an attachment for a mouse?

    Hi Sue,

    The attached for a mouse will be available April/May 2021

  • Is there a way to brace the wheels that I’m unaware of, so that it doesn’t roll around from the pressure of your typing?


    We have found that it does not roll around whilst typing but I am happy to look at bringing in wheels that will have a lock on them.

    Please call our sales line to discuss.  Mobile: 0428 173 277

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