Levo G2 Deluxe Stand with lockable wheels and lockable platform for Tablets. #33789
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LEVOs are playing a critical role in assisting the medical community during the pandemic by way of telehealth. Our LEVO tablet stand cart extends well over your patient’s bed and articulates to position a tablet exactly where you’d like. Doctors and nurses can use their own devices to video chat / telehealth with patients without the need to wear masks, gloves, or other precious protective gear. It’s another layer of protection for your medical staff and also saves PPE.

Hourglass shaped base maneuvers better around other furniture. Standard 11mm diameter caster mounts (Easy to change to different caster styles).

Key Locking Dual Clamp provides security from tablet theft.


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  • Is the G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand with wheels, powered item # 33777 available for purchase?

    Hi Sarah,

    The new Levo G2 Deluxe stand with power will not be available till Early July 2022. 
    if you send through your details we can let you know when an order can be placed. 
    pricing has not been set as yet. 

    Are you in Melbourne as I have one demo strand that you can look at. 

    please contact me on my mobile 0428 173 277 to discuss. 

    Ephraim (Fred) Bergman | CEO 
    Levostore Australia
    Mobile: 0428 173 277 

  • Hi, does this model fit ipad pro 4th gen 12.9inch? And is there additional cost for hospital grade wheels?

    Hi Emily,

    Yes it does hold the IPad Pro 4th Gen.
    We are in the process of adding hospital grade wheels to our range.
    Let's talk next week and I can setup a stand for you the trial.
    Please call me anytime on 0428 173 277

    Ephraim (Fred) Bergman | CEO

  • HI there, when will Levo G2 Deluxe Stand with lockable wheels and lockable platform for Tablets be available with USB-C power? and will it contain both USB-A and USB-C female plug types? The above question was asked last year for the non-locking model, and it was mentioned It should have been available in 2021 and it is November. Thank you.

    Hi Adam,

    The Levo G2 #33773 with Lockable wheels and lockable platform for tablets will only have USB-C.
    It is currently going through Certification. Unfortunately, it is taking a long time.
    With Covid, certification has gone from 2 - 3 months to 6 - 9 months.
    If you are in Melbourne, I can show you the stand as I have 2 here for testing. 

    We have in stock the Levo G2 #33789 model that has both lockable wheels and lockable Platform for Tablets but not the power.

    Please call me anytime on 0428 173 277 if you would like to discuss the stands. 

    Ephraim (Fred) from LevoStore Australia