LEVO Bungee Cord for Rolling Laptop Stand - 1 Pack
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Bungees allow for quick changes between devices of different sizes.

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 Additional Bungee Cord for our Laptop Platform.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Bungee Cord is made for the Rolling Laptop Stand.

It holds your laptop safety on the platform.


  • Additional bungee cords for quick interchangeability of devices
  • 1 bungee cord per set


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    Ask a Question
    • Can the bungee cords hold a smartphone? Many thanks.

      Hi Kim,

      The bungee cord is used to hold a laptop.
      If you wish to hold a smartphone then the dual clamp platform kit which clips in easy onto the stand will hold it.
      Please ring me on 0428 173 277 to discuss your requirements.

      Ephraim (Fred) Bergman | CEO
      Levostore Australia