Canadian Customers- PLEASE READ

We are now pleased to offer exclusive shipping to Canada with UPS. With this special we've negotiated with UPS, there are a few things to be advised of:


  • Please be advised that all customers ordering from Canada will be required to pay the brokerage fees and taxes for their complete order to UPS when the items are delivered.

  • Brokerage fees will be based on the amount of the invoice and the commodity.  Based upon our pre-negotiated agreement with UPS, in order to keep your brokerage fees to a minimum, please keep your orders under $200 CAD. For all orders under $200 CAD, your brokerage fees will amount to an additional charge of only $10 CAD (to be collected by UPS). For all orders over $200 CAD, brokerage fees will range anywhere from $40-$100 CAD. To avoid high brokerage fees, please limit orders of additional accessories.  Or, simply place them on another order.

  •  All customers placing an order to Canada will be responsible for paying taxes on their order.  These are calculated based upon the percentage collected from each individual province.  We cannot prepay these, they will be your responsibility upon delivery of your item. 



Below, you can find a daily updated currency converter from the Bank of Canada. In order to avoid additional fees and taxes, please use this converter when reviewing your order to verify your total order cost is below $200 CAD.