About LEVO

We designed our first LEVO BookHolder in 1998. Since then, people all over the world have praised us for significantly improving their quality of life. LEVO BookHolders and tablet stands & accessories are now distributed in over 6 major countries and through major specialized retailers. Of course, we sell direct to consumers and believe in a superior customer experience.

We're a devoted family business owned by Dave and Nan Simon. In 1988, Dave founded a company that produced and sold specialty pet items. By 2006, our catalog grew to 80 pages of hand selected pet items, and got the attention of other industry leading retailers. After long negotiations, our catalog company was sold.

Today, we specialize in product design for both consumer products, and pet items. Many of our items are licensed to other companies. Our specialty items are provided direct to you through our online store.

Like our thousands of satisfied customers, we hope you too will enjoy the items we develop and retail. After all, our goal is to improve your quality of life!