LEVO G2 V16 Rolling Tablet Stand Cart For Most Tablets & Cases #33748

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LEVO G2 V16 Rolling Tablet Stand Cart For Most Tablets & Cases #33748

Sit, recline, or lie in bed and LEVO will securely hold your tablet AND your phone at the perfect height and viewing angle. Flip lever height locks and 4 axis articulating swing arm for quick positioning. Simply grab the platform then swing, tilt, and spin it into perfect view. Our new V16 Base hugs your furniture and does not require clearance under your furniture. Includes locking wheels so you can roll LEVO from room to room and reap its benefits day and night.

  • Holds your tablet and phone!
  • Extends your tablet OVER your furniture! Not just in front like many others.
  • Swings, tilts, yaws, and spins to perfectly place yor tablet and phone.
  • Quickly spins from portrait to landscape so you can view your pages or photos at their best.
  • Rolls up to your furniture, then simply roll it back about 25 cms to make space to exit your furniture. Roll it back in place at the exact same height and angle so you can continue surfing in deluxe style anytime.
  • Interchangeable platforms so you can quickly switch from electronic devices to books and magazines (book platform sold separately).
  • Minimum height 56 cms, maximum height 114 cms measured from floor to center of device.

Item #: 33748 (Default Title)


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