LEVO G2 Commercial Tablet Cart / Stand with 60 Watt USB-C Charging Port #33773
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You have the power to work from anywhere with our LEVO Commercial Deluxe Tablet Stand / Cart and its USB-C powered charging port. This rolling stand can be positioned anywhere you are, bringing the technology critical for your daily tasks out of the corner and close to the scene of your work, your patients, or your customers. And while tablets are a freeing new tool in healthcare and commercial settings, battery life can limit you, so we’ve added a high speed USB-C charging socket and an AC wall plug to keep you powered all day.

  • 60 Watt Hi-speed USB-C Charging Port
  • Detachable AC power cord for easy mobility
  • Developed to give bedridden hospital patients the ability to connect with loved ones, watch movies, browse, or even get some work done
  • Reduces arbitrary presses of the call button thereby reducing staff trips to patients' rooms
  • Amazing for home use too!
  • Perfect for all commercial settings including Schools, Colleges, Nursing Homes, Training Facilities, and Businesses
  • Gives patients the ability to telehealth while lying in bed
  • Minimizes chances of dropping, spilling on, or losing your tablet
  • Cantilever design freely articulates over beds and chairs, positioning your device most comfortably for hands-free viewing
  • Sturdy commercial grade construction for rigorous use
  • Heavy 27 pound base keeps your tablet from toppling
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized with standard hospital cleaners
  • Key Locking Dual Clamp provides security from tablet theft
  • Specially engineered structure minimizes bouncing while you type or swipe
  • Quickly adjusts from sitting to standing position with quick locking height adjustments
  • Holds books with our Book Platform Kit Add-on (item #33701 sold separately).

Item #: 33773 (Default Title)


UPC: 665789337732



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  • what weight tablet / iPad does this stand support?

    It holds most tablets including the iPad Pro. 

    call me. anytime if you need further information. 

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