Levo Luggage Tray with Battery

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$89.00 $35.00 -61%
  • Levo Luggage Tray with Battery
Levo Luggage Tray with Battery Levo Luggage Tray with Battery Levo Luggage Tray with Battery

Levo Luggage Tray with Battery

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$89.00 $35.00 -61%
  • Features two USB charging sockets so you can charge your tablet, smart phone, headphones, speakers, or other device while travelling.

    Item #: 33122 (LEVO Luggage Tray)


    You no longer have to be held hostage to the power outlets in airports when you need to charge your depleted device! Our new LEVO Luggage tray turns your carry-on into a convenient recharging station for work or entertainment. You'll be more productive while you travel. Within seconds, you can attach our LEVO Luggage Tray to your carry-on and charge your device. Our LEVO Luggage Tray solves the problem of juggling your smart phone or tablet while traveling by creating a secure workstation on your carry-on. It quickly snaps into place on your luggage pull bars and holds not only smart phones and tablets but anything up to 3 lbs - books, snacks, or paperwork. Its built in charging station is a delight. Instead of endlessly searching for airport charging stations you can power up directly from the tray.


    When it's time to board, you can quickly squeeze LEVO's clamp to remove and collapse your Luggage Tray. It takes less than 5 seconds to remove and collapse. But, there's a better way. Simply leave it attached to your carry-on, walk to your seat, then remove it and place it in your seat's pouch.  After take-off, you can set it on your tray to prop and charge your device. Never run out of power on your trip!


    Not only will you have a charge, but your smart phone or tablet will be held nicely at eye level while you sit and wait to board. This gives you so much freedom and flexibility. Talk on your phone, while browsing your tablet... sip on a beverage, while reading your email... prop a tablet, so your kids can watch a movie...be free to take notes. LEVO Luggage tray turns down time into productive time!


    As an added feature, the battery pack is removable so you can use it around your home, office, or at your in-laws. Its small size (3 x 3 x .8 inches) fits into a pocket, purse, or small bag. It’s exceptionally handy when your smart phone, tablet, headphones, or blue-tooth speakers are disappointing you with low power. Use our LEVO Battery on your desk, during conferences, in your kitchen, on your boat, in your car, or where ever you use your devices.


    Our new Luggage Tray is ideal for travelers, businesspeople or entertaining kids on long trips. It makes waiting and travel delays much more tolerable.


    • Two USB ports - 1amp and 2amp
    • Easy fingertip clamp so you can attach and detach in under 5 seconds
    • Folds flat for easy storage to fit in your purse, carry-on, or bag
    • Quckly transfer from your carry-on to your seat's pouch or tray
    • Use on table tops or airplane trays to prop and charge your device


    Capacity 5000 mAh
    2 USB Outputs 2A and 1A
    Materials Plastic (Black)
    Weight 0.4 kgs
    Dimensions 28 x 14 x 3 cm