Graphic Skin for LEVO Deluxe Laptop Floor Stand
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Show your style by adding one of our Graphic Skins to your LEVO Laptop Floor Stand.

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Your LEVO... Your Style

Book Kit

These graphics attach to the base of your LEVO Deluxe Laptop Stand’s base.

LEVO Rolling Laptop Stand

LEVO Deluxe Laptop Stand
(sold separately)


Our custom graphics add personality and style to your LEVO Laptop Stand. Each is printed on a high quality polymer for rich color. Removable adhesive allows you to change your LEVO’s look at anytime.

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Espresso Color Blend

Espresso Color Blend

LEVO Graffiti

LEVO Graffiti






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  • I’m looking at using this while living and working in my van. Is it quick and easy to set up and pack away? Is there a carry bag for it? Or is it a permanent assembly? Locking wheels would be great, so it has a tie-down option as well as pack-up when getting ready to hit the road.


    Whilst the Rolling Laptop Workstation can be pulled apart it is meant to be used as a permanent assembly. It is available with locking wheels. No carry bag. This product has a heavy base.
    I am happy to discuss it further if you wish to call me.
    regards Ephraim (Fred) Bergman CEO Levostore Australia Mobile: 0428 173 277